1-to-1 Collaboration™

The difference between providing a valve and valve solution is the same difference between providing a commodity product and one that has been highly engineered to achieve a customer's near and long term goals.


Most companies have sales people that make recommendations based on what they have to sell as a "best fit", and will provide a minimal amount of customization....essentially, what they have is what you get. CIRCOR Power & Process differentiates itself through its depth of ascertaining customer needs and goals, and assigns a dedicated Customer Solutions Team to each customer account whose sole purpose is to turn challenges into opportunities, such as:

  • New methods to improve application performance and productivity
  • Solutions that eliminate future problems
  • Longer lasting, more reliable products that can be used in multiple applications
  • Transparent communications that eliminate surprises (ex: delivery dates)
  • Faster turnaround for improved time savings
  • Better planning (ex: utility outage scheduling)

1-to-1 Collaboration is our approach to achieving product and applications performance excellence through highly involved, personalized customer interaction techniques, including:

  • Key leader meetings
  • Goal setting
  • Specifications analysis
  • Scenario modeling
  • Technology options assessment
  • Problem / solution
  • Analysis asset utilization
  • Process environments analysis
  • Sizing requirements
  • Budget setting
  • Cost of ownership economics

When you want to achieve low cost of ownership, improve efficiencies and performance, and maintain operational excellence through better time management, trust CIRCOR Power & Process, the steam, water and gas applications experts.