Steam Water Heaters

Heating of commercial buildings is accomplished using forced air heat (oil or gas fired furnace), radiant heat (hot water or steam), and electrical resistance heating.  In large commercial centers in cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, district heating is accomplished through a network of interconnected steam sources feeding a central distribution network delivering saturated steam to a large number of commercial buildings in close proximity.

Steam heat for these commercial and institutional buildings, such as universities and hospitals, is often provided by skidded, self-contained steam heater units which include the controls necessary to maintain temperature within a few degrees of the set point temperature. Heater packages from CIRCOR Power & Process are comprised of a skidded heater complete with steam traps, strainers and instrument gauges.

Our heater solutions include a blending of valve and controls that are necessary to blend inlet cooling water and steam to produce hot water at the desired temperature with an accuracy of +- 3 degrees F. CIRCOR Power & Process heaters use a feed-forward control scheme and are valued for their energy efficiency.

CIRCOR Power & Process heaters are used in hospitals, universities, safety shower systems, booster heat applications and for building space heating.

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Steam Water Heater

Brand Description Product Model Appropriate Solutions
Leslie Controls Instantaneous Steam Water Heater Constantemp, EconoSteam District Heating, Process Control, Process Heating