Cryogenic Control

For over 50 years, CIRCOR Power & Process’ CPC-Cryolab and Rockwood-Swendeman product brands have been known as experts and worldwide leaders in the development, design and supply of high-quality, highly engineered cryogenic valves and equipment that support the growing needs and standards required by the global industrial gas and cryogenic industries.

Today, we continue to offer our customers the most diverse "single source" portfolio of cryogenic products available in the industry.

Cryogenics is the science of materials produced at extremely low temperatures (below -150 °C, -238 °F or 123 K) and has become more and more important to industries, especially the field of liquefaction of normally gaseous elements, such as: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, and helium.

These industries include industrial gas, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, micro-electronics, metal processing, food & beverage, automotive, aerospace, LNG, hydrogen fuel cell and subatomic particle research.

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