Boiler System

The boiler system converts the energy in the fuel into heat and transfers this heat energy to the feedwater as to convert the feedwater to steam. Heat transfer in the boiler takes place in the boiler tubes, economizer, superheaters and the reheater, and the resultant steam energy is utilized to operate the turbine, which itself then operates the generator. Nuclear plants do not rely on combustion of fuel and use a Nuclear Reactor instead of the boiler.

Combined-cycle plants use a gas-turbine as the primary drive for the generator, and then a modified boiler called a “Heat-Recovery Steam Generator” uses the hot exhaust gases from the turbine to boil water and to drive additional turbo generator stages. 

CIRCOR Power & Process has extensive boiler system experience, and provides a comprehensive range of highly engineered valves and associated product solutions for customers of all sizes and types.

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