Desuperheaters are a critical component used in the management of steam from power generation sources to industrial uses of steam.

When steam is used for mechanical power, such as driving the turbine rotor by expanding across turbine blades, it is most efficient when superheated. When steam is used for heating or other heat transfer or industrial process purposes, it is most efficient when saturated. A desuperheater then, is a device that lowers the temperature of superheated steam so that it can be used effectively for heating or for other industrial use. This temperature reduction – or attemperation – is performed by the desuperheater, which is essentially a device that injects a predetermined amount of water into a steam flow stream.

The overall purpose, therefore, of a desuperheater is to provide effective heat transfer between steam and water. And a highly effective desuperheater design and application ensures that costly problems are avoided, including extended startup and shutdown times, reduced process efficiency, and general wear of downstream piping and equipment.

Desuperheaters from CIRCOR Power & Process come in a variety of configurations including probe style with fixed or variable nozzle, venturi and double venturi. With a design that ensures finely controlled water spray, the desuperheaters from CIRCOR Power & Process are highly effective in controlling steam temperature close to saturation point over a broad set of steam conditions.

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