Safety & Relief Valves

In addition to the process control systems within a power plant or industrial process plant, safety systems play an important role in plant operation. With high pressure vessels, piping and system components, comes the need for protecting against overpressure, which can cause damage to equipment or harm to workers. Typically, overpressure protection is provided by safety relief valves which vent excess pressure before it becomes problematic.

CIRCOR Power & Process offers safety relief valves for steam and gas applications. These safety relief valves are used in commercial buildings, district heating systems, power plants and industrial applications controlling pressure of steam and industrial gases.

Our product line includes high temperature-capable relief valves as well as solutions for cryogenic fluids. CIRCOR Power & Process safety relief valves provide dependable, tight shutoff and reliable performance. Versions with a dual blowdown ring also provide for better adjustment and control of pop and blowdown.

CIRCOR Power & Process soft seated safety relief valves operate very close to set point pressure, providing reliable performance in services with high vibration, icing conditions or entrained particles.

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