Actuators supply the motive force for on-off and control valves providing required stroke length, stroke time, and thrust or torque with the needed precision and stiffness.

CIRCOR Power & Process offers a variety of actuators all designed specifically to mount cleanly on the full portfolio of valves and ensure proper valve performance, with an emphasis on manufacturing pneumatic spring & diaphragm, pneumatic piston, electric motor, and solenoid energized actuation. In addition, we routinely purchase 3rd party actuation such as specialty electric or hydraulic constructions when specified by customer or required by application.

CIRCOR Power & Process spring & diaphragm actuators are the primary actuation for power applications, while compact electric actuators are typically offered for general industrial applications. Pneumatic pistons are used where long stroke is required including applications with high flow rates and/or high pressure drops. In addition, we offer very reliable, quick acting solenoids for actuating critical isolation valves.

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