Audits & Surveys

One of the most difficult things to do is to review and analyze your own operations with a critical, unbiased eye. At CIRCOR Power & Process, we provide a comprehensive range of Audit and Survey services for our customers – with the goal of maximizing uptime and your ability to satisfy system demand more efficiently than ever before.

Audits & Reports:

Our technicians will evaluate your valve and systems for:

  • Correct valve application
  • Valve performance
  • System performance
  • Valve efficiency
  • Valve settings

Detailed reports will identity a range of items, including misapplications; performance ratings; recommended repairs/replacements; advisable system improvements; practical equipment upgrades and optimum routine maintenance schedule(s).

Surveys & Reports:

Utilizing advanced techniques including ultrasound, infrared and high accuracy gauges, qualified professionals will test, track and record performance to identify:

  • Equipment failure
  • Misapplication
  • Poor piping practices
  • Inefficient steam utilization

Detailed reports will identity a range of items, including failed equipment; improperly applied systems; hazardous practices; dollar loss evaluations, and recommended plans to implement system improvements.

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