Steam Conditioning Systems – Steam Conditioning System – Turbine Bypass Valve


The main function of a Turbine Bypass Valve is to handle the difference between the generated and consumed steam flows during transient and emergency situations. Today’s cyclic operating philosophies require valves and system design features which permit short start-up and shutdown times without causing detrimental effects on expensive plant components

Common HP Bypass duties:

  • Pressure controlled bypassing of HP turbine
  • Controlled pressure build-up in boiler
  • Cooling of the reheater tubing
  • Cooling of final superheater in case of sliding pressure operation
  • Prevention of steam loss by blowing off the springloaded HP safety valves in case of minor disturbances
  • Avoiding of condensate loss by blowing safety valves, and also eliminate the resulting noise

Common LP Bypass duties:

  • Pressure controlled bypassing of the IP and LP turbines
  • Controlled pressure buildup in reheater
  • Prevent significant condensate loss
  • Protection of condenser against excessive pressure and temperature excursions in case of a disturbance

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