Severe Service

Due to the high pressures and temperatures, many of the applications in the boiler system and main steam system are very severe.  These valves not only affect the efficiency of the plant, but also impact safety. CIRCOR’s experience and technical ability to supply the best choices of valves ensure the highest level of confidence in successful plant performance. Feedwater recirculation valves must survive extreme pressure drops at plant startup, and turbine bypass systems must be able to divert and cool the entire boiler output if the unit trips off-line. These and other applications are even more critical in combined-cycle units which deliver “peaking” loads, responding to variable power demands. 

CIRCOR Power & Process offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly engineered severe service control valves that provide zero leakage which improves power plant efficiencies and reduces long term maintenance costs. Our products are relied upon in the most difficult applications worldwide.

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