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Instantaneous Steam Water Heater

Leslie Constantemp® heaters use a tightly-coiled circulating exchanger to transfer heat energy from the isolated steam flow to the desired liquid. These systems can take advantage of very low steam pressures and can deliver liquids at precisely defined temperatures. The core benefit of the Leslie Constantemp® steam water heater is the feed forward blending device.


  • Hot and cold water blend ratio is accurately proportioned to maintain the set temperature for all flow demands
  • Water is blended instantly
  • Virtually no lag in response time

The Leslie EconoSteam™ Constantemp steam water heater, is for use on 2-250 psig steam, consists of an integrally piped helical designed coil and heat exchanger. Combined with a feed forward blending valve actuated by differential pressure mounted on a heavy-duty steel frame with all traps, strainers, pressure and temperature gauges necessary, and is fully assembled and piped. It is factory certified pressure tested for leaks.

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EconoSteam - Instantaneous Water Heater Brochure
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