World Class Supplier of Cryogenic Control Valves & Equipment for the Industrial Gas Industry

CPC-Cryolab produces state-of-the-art cryogenic valves and other advanced technology to the aerospace and industrial gas industries. Industrial gas producers such as Air Products and Chemicals, Praxair, Linde (BOC) and Air Liquide have all specified CPC valves to satisfy exacting materials and safety requirements. In addition, CPC was the primary valve supplier to the Super-Conducting Super-Collider (SSC) project for both magnet cooling and liquefier production.

CPC has designed and manufactured valves, filters, manifolds and fill hoses for the space shuttle controlling the liquid oxygen and hydrogen used for engine fuel, breathing gas, and fuel cell power generation.

On/Off & Shut Off Valves


Description Product Model Appropriate Solutions
Bellow Sealed Valves 2000/5000 Series Cryogenic Control
Vacuum Seal Off Valves SV & VO Series Cryogenic Control