Our Difference

When it comes to satisfying the complex steam, water and gas control needs of the world's most demanding power and industrial companies, it takes more than highly engineered critical and general service valves, systems and associated products.

It takes a company whose primary focus is deploying precision solutions that deliver immediate and long-term operational and economic efficiencies – and enable its customers to operate their facilities with more control and effectiveness than ever before.

Every day, CIRCOR Power & Process brings together:

  • Globally renowned steam, water, gas applications expertise
  • Differentiated technologies to suit specific customer need
  • The inherent ability to turn any challenge into and opportunity
  • High-touch collaboration philosophy and approach
  • Solutions that consistently eliminate recurring problems
  • Economic foresight and best practices
  • The desire and ability to service short lead times
  • Transparency in all of its partnerships

Critical to our success is our focus on the art of continuous improvement, whereby we create the technologies and services that will fundamentally advance, and generate successful, tangible benefits for our customers, our industry, our global infrastructure, our businesses, and for our own selves.

To achieve our goals, we:

  • Adhere to the guiding strategies as set forth by our proven CIRCOR Business System
  • Maintain our unique culture of operational excellence, responsibility, ingenuity and performance
  • Focus on exceeding customer expectations at every level
  • Maintain operational flexibility that will allow us to efficiently align our processes with our customers'
  • Remain committed to our core competencies

For excellence in steam, water and gas control every day, the choice is Circor Power & Process.