Steam Conditioning Systems

Steam conditioning involves simultaneous reduction in steam pressure and temperature. When combined with a steam pressure control valve, a desuperheater provides for steam conditioning either with desuperheater and valve as separate devices, or as a combined unit.

CIRCOR Power & Process offers combined unit steam conditioning valves which have water injection integral to the valve construction. The water injection is accomplished via specially designed nozzles internal to the valve trim, or inserted into valve outlet singularly or multiple units arranged in a spray ring. 

CIRCOR Power & Process offers a special type of steam conditioning valve for turbine bypass applications. The turbine bypass valve is one of the most critical valves in the power plant, allowing operation of the boiler independent of the turbine and also providing steam at the same pressure and temperature as the turbine steam expansion process. With this capability the turbine bypass valves is used in start-up and rapid ramp down modes, protecting the turbine, boiler and condenser from damaging thermal and pressure excursions.

CIRCOR Power & Process utilizes designs that accurately control steam pressure and temperature while minimizing thermal stress in the valve and adjacent piping. Steam conditioning valves including turbine bypass valves are custom designed to the application to ensure optimal performance and extended life.

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